Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hit by a car!

Today I was hit by a car! Yes! But as you can see, I'm still alive!

I took this week as a fall holiday, ditch school and came home. By now you must have realized I'm a "mommy's girl" She's my only family and I depend on her words. I don't buy clothes without asking her opinion for example. Yes, it's that bad!......
Anyway, we went grocery shopping this afternoon. It gets dark soon, and the lighting on most of the streets in my hometown are crappy.

So this guy put his car in reverse and wanted to come out of a corner. We walked on the other side of the street and since he stopped the car we thought he had seen us, so we continued walking. It turned out he didn't see us, but payed attention to another car. And he fucking hit us in back!

Now, I have to say my English sucks enough not to be able to explain properly what happened.
The point is. we walked hand in hand and BUMM! Something bumped me in the back of my waist and calf. In a half moment I was with my face on the ground, my Mom also lying and moaning next to me. And everything I could think about was this bastard did it on purpose and he might even run over us. Since I felt no broken bones, I jumped up and marched to pull the man out of the car before he could run off. He was out in a blink and I shouted at him from my core, is he blind, couldn't see us?
He was sorry and wanted to call the police and ambulance, but Mom didn't want it. Thankfully she had no serious injury. (although now her whole right arm is swollen, hurts and all)

In the end we still went to shopping, but the man came and drove us home. He and his family tried everything to make us pleased.
Thanks God the shock was bigger than the injury!!!
Even an hour later I was still shaking. I have some scratches on my palms and a huge, throbbing purple spot on the back of my calf where the bumper hit my leg.
Most of all, I'm amazed of the human body...the muscles around the spine did a great job, it doesn't hurt at all, altough it got the bigger impact.

On more beauty related terms......I hunted down some stuffs this weekend since i had a 20% coupon and swatched away Sunday. I'm sorry to say I can't provide swatch photos, since my cam was not with me and my phone camera is not good enough for such purposes. Plus, even after rubbing my hands with Lancome's Bi-Facil to get off the eyeshadows and blushes, my skin turned out a weird mixture of colors and it was like a glitterball.....=/
Is Bi-Facil really supposed to be the best makeup remover????? If it is, then it does a really terrible job!!!!

The two most amusing stuffs I met was:

1. Chanel's Bird of Paradise eyeshadow quad. This is part of the 2009 holiday collection, I think.

The colors are nice, although too warm for me. There are good swatches here. I couldn't build up such strong colors, but they were great neverthless.
Anyway, I can't imagine myself wearing these colors @_@ Maybe with a different pairing...
The blush was quite for my liking. Made me feeling all Christmas-y......mmmm nice!

2. Guerlain's 2010 Spring collection: Paradis Exotique

Only the eyeshadow palette and the orangey gloss was thrown up to the top of the counter's shelf...next to the tissue box. I didn't want to believe my eyes! Is that the new style? HAH!
Anyhow, it was love at first swipe! The feeling of the shadows and the color they showed on my hand! aaaah
Here are Jen's swatches. I found the shadows a bit more vivid and not that faded.

The only gloss of the three that was "displayed" was Orange Interdite. I think. I'm not sure. The one that's such a pretty orange on the pic above. It's the same in RL too!
A nice orange-ish water layer with tons of friggin' green glitters! It's like "OMG close your eyes!"  Really interesting, however, I dunno how and what to wear it with. >_<
This is my promblem with the e/s palette too. You can't mix these colors for an everyday look. At least I can't. Maybe I'm boring, or whatever....two or (max) three of the colors might work with the perfect clothes and occasion, but it's definitely not something I'd go for on those hated early mornings.
I'd definitely take it out every other day and stare at it, swipe it across, but for the price it'd be a shame!

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