Thursday, November 12, 2009

Estée Lauder Hydra Complete Multi-Level Moisture Creme

I have more skin-care posts to come, but let me start now with this face cream by Estée Lauder.
I bought this along with Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher and Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex (you know, that brown bottle) in a set. The latter for my Mom's birthday and the face cream and pore minimizer for me. It cost me a fortune in one go, but as I thought I got awesome stuffs, I put up with it.

I will not write a review of the Advanced Night Repair, as I haven't tried it myself, but the pore minimizer will follow later!

So, do I like this day cream? My first form Estée Lauder? No. Absolutely not!

As I might have mentioned before, except the T-zone my skin is dry. As winter *ahem*fall* becomes more dominant, the dryness gets worse! Not to mention the dorm room's dry air! I'm itching constantly.

A very important feature I covet from day creams is to soak in fast, so I don't have to wait a half hour before I could put on foundation. Who wants a messy face-cream-foundation mixture? I don't!

Also, many face creams I met seemed to absorb nicely, then I go out, run after the bus, cook something, whatever and they start to pump out. I mean, it's like my skin pumps out the cream, and it feels like oily sweating! Whatthefuck?!?! I know! It's gross!!!
So I'm in a constant search for a cream that actually sticks with the cells of my skin!

Ah, and one more condition! For a month or two I've been having this itchying everywhere! Legs, arm, even my face! It's no allergy tho. I can feel how the deeper levels of my skin craves hydration and whatever heavy body lotion/butter or super hydrating face product I use, there's no advance! And it's not even -15 Clesius degree!!!!

Anyone, any deep hydrating recommendation???

Back to the titled cream, it says "multi-level" moisture, so I thought that must be the ultimate weapon! With that nam I can't go wrong! Oh, how worng I was!!!
It's Estée Lauder, I must....or rather ought to be exellent quality! Well, i dunno who's skin this brand works for, but definitely not mine!

It was like a slippery masque on me!!! I bet it didn't even absorbed to the second layer of skin! Horrible! And it has this cucumber smell I can't stand! @_@
Itching and "oil-sweating" remained...
I will never ever touch this cream! Not in my next 20 lives!

Have you ever heared of the above mentioned phenomenon? pssst*the oil sweating*pssssst
I say phenomenon, coz the two persons i know are my mom and myself! Is this some uniqueness? Deviance?
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