Sunday, November 1, 2009

NARS Nail Polish

Wanted to start with a nice stock photo, but couldn't change the color in the bottle, only the sample dot.
I got this nail polish from Cosmetic-Candy in the color Rebel Yell.
You know, I don't like dark nail polishes, since my nails are short and crappy, and I munch on them a lot, so any long-wearing polish chips in 1-2 days most. No exception.
But a while ago I got some BarryM Nail Paints from Yinnie and I'm seriously in love with the purple one. Thus I'm learning applying dark colors.

Isn't this an awesome color???? I consider red nail colors BITCHY! Seriously! If you wear them, you're a slut in my book. Sorry! >.<
But this color is dark and brownish enough to fall out of the bitch red category!

Crappy photo skills unfolds! I did only one stroke. Never thought I'd post anything nail related....and here it is. Never say "never"! Oh well....
This swatch does not do justice. It's such a killer "witchy red"...oh sorry, pomegranate, that I LOVE it! *_*

I was able to apply only one coat without major streakiness! I! With my skills! However I was sceptycal with some nails, so I put on one more coat. There's no big difference  between 1 and 2 coats.

It also resisted chipping/fading quite well! I'm amazed! 2 days were no big deal for it.
I seriously think people who are able to keep nail polishes in perfect condition for a week or more never, ever touch their mouth @_@
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