Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cosmetic-candy haul

Lookie what did I get?! I made a lil purchase at Cosmetic-Candy a while ago. There were sooo many awesome stuffs for sale (I wanted some NARS and Illamasqua candies), but most was already claimed and I run out of money becoz of a haul at Lancome and MAC. Well, I had to half my order, so I happened to buy a NARS nail polish (Rebel Yell) and Ettusais Acne Shooter Bag.

And I got some extras!^^ Candies! yummmmm, a free face cream sample from Organic Elements. I wanted to try this brand! YEY And two funny advertising material was included too!

Hah Love this brand ^_^

Love the pink bag! Will use it happily! It holds an Ac-Control Oil (the bigger green bottle), Medicated Acne Aqua Shooter Oil Control and Moisture Up (the 2 little bottles), and a Zero Pore Dry Block Pact (foundation sample? Haven't opened it yet) and a Whitening UV EX Dry Block sample with SPF24 PA+++
Now I just have to wait for pimples to appear on my face......#_#

See these cuties? *.* That lollipop is actually a pin you can remove from the paper^^

I'll be back with reviews soon!
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