Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yves Rocher Hydra Specific Soft Foam Cleanser

I haven't given up on Yves Rocher yet. However, I do want to, coz their skincare is not good enough IMHO, but I keep giving them another chance...

My latest "let's give them another chance" haul ended up with a try-out kit with three mini products for ~5 dollars (review to come) and this foam cleanser. And you know what? First time I went shopping in Georgia I had to realize that Yves Rocher is present here too! OMG this must be an omen or something.....@.@

Anyway, you might know that foam cleansers are extremely popular in Japan due to its softness and good ability to cleanse thoroughly. First, I was sceptical about how a bubbling foam texture would be able to remove makeup (even the waterproof ones), for God's sake, it's mostly air and a little creamy stuff!!! But I was convinced. Okay, this is the first foam cleanser I've tried so far, but I don't particularly fancy Yves Rocher and Japanese skin care is just plain goooooooood (no matter which brand) so that means that any foam cleanser coming from Japan must be faaar better than this and this results in me being a fan of JP foam cleansers!

Now, that I've written down 'foam cleanser' about a billion times, let me introduce you to Yves Rocher's bubbling cleanser (yay) of the Hydra Specifiy line: Soft Foam Cleanser.

Description: "My new makeup removal routine. Soft Foam Cleanser lathers into a creamy foam to clean my skin with mildness. When rinsed, my skin is supple, sparkling and ready for facial care. Spray 150 ml / 5.0 fl oz.

The US site also has a little how-to guide:

Deposit a dollop of foam onto a cotton pad or into the palm of your hand. (1min)

Apply evenly over a damp face, using light massaging movements. (1min)

Rinse with water, then gently dry skin. (1min)

Does it cleanse? Oh yes, it does! Quite well! The only thing that needs a second thorough rubbing is waterproof mascara. Anything else is removed without trace, my skin is left squeaky clean. I would say the only drawback is that it cleanses too well: it strips my skin of everything and thus dries it out. During summer it wouldn't be much of a problem, but now that it's winter.....I don't like scratching my face all day long because no heavy facecream can penetrate deep enough to make up for the damage this cleaner caused.

All in all, this is a great cleaner for summer time, but I would never recommend it for winter, especially not for those with dry or sensitive skin. 
Price wise it's a good catch too, it sells for USD15...but don't forget that Yves Rocher has sales ALL the time, so it costs even less ;)
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