Sunday, January 8, 2012

Scott Barnes Chic Palette - Brandywine

I know my posts are rare and lately no proper makeup review ended up here, thus I'm making up for my sins and bring you something really good.....hard to get and really good.....a blush palette by Scott Barnes called Chic Palette.
I'm terribly indebted to for carrying this brand and having awesome sales all the time. This way I buy at least one Scott Barnes product every single time and thanks to them I have and cherish a translucent loose powder (my 1st SB product and 1st full size loose powder) which seems to be no more available on the net. >.<
Where else could I have got this from than Back then it costed USD11.50 and that is a super price!

The packaging is neat and elegant, the case of the palette is made of plastic but not the cheap kind, and is a trap for fingerprints. Not the worst, but still...after few times of using the case looks dirty @_@ 

The lid closes securely without any clasp/locking tooth so no need to worry about accidents.

The color is Brandywine and the palette holds 3 pans of blushes. They are quite big in diameter. Not the biggest ever, but seeing some brands making those tiny little holes for lush application....I don't know where they got the idea from but they surely never used blushes in their lives...or simply don't give crap about practicality and go for the design only...

So, the 3 blushes together are 15g and they are well pigmented.


The darkest color on the left side is a dusty brownish red. It looks like a deep rose with some brown tinge in the pan, but on skin that brown is strenghtened.
It's matte, and best for contouring or as a single blush for the bold ones.

The color in the middle is a lighter, pinkish rose, heavy on the rose side. It's almost matte but has some tiiiiiny, almost there pink shimmer.
It's great as an over-all blush and contouring shade too.

The third color on the right side is my favourite. It's a color far from my taste yet I prefer to use this from the 3 colors. It's a beautiful shimmery, bronzey gold which works as a stand-alone blush and contouring shade too.

Swatch without flash.

Swatch with flash. 

You can see on the swatches that the colors are not evenly deposited, however, it was only one swipe and usage with brush proves even application on the cheeks.
Also, you have to be careful with the amount you use or you'll end up as a clown.

The three colors can be used separately, as duos or even all three colors can be worn together, but then, that's some killer makeup focused on the cheeks, so don't even try to emphasise your eyes and/or lips too at the same time...unless it's for a fitting occasion.
I have to mention, that personally I don't like to wear all 3 colors together...that's just too much, and such a strong golden shade as it for a fashion/art photoshoot but not for the street.

Do you own or have you tried the other color combinations? Share your experiences :)
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