Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Crystal Shine

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Crystal Shine PK313S ($23)

Crystal brilliance with dimensional shine. Enhance the lips with luminous colors and crystal-like shine. The light gliding formula melts onto lips wrapping them in a delicate veil of comfort. Satin finish.

This is the basic Rouge Unlimited topped with more shinig. As the name implies Crystal Shine. Holding it in your hand you can see those 'crystals' but once on the lips they disappear and form into something juicy, watery.

The packaging, i mean the tube is something you can't find everywhere. I love how i can see what amount is left in the tube. And it's actually pretty.

Mine is a pink color, but as the stock photo shows, it looks more like rose and brown...the actual lipstick looks the same. But you put it on and voila:::

With flash...

Without flash.....

See how pink it turned out? Pretty, isn't it? I like how it looks on me. Don't like deep or strong colors, so this is a perfect match.

My only problem is staying power. That sucks big time. When I don't wear anything on my lips I always have to lick's a quite dry area for me. But when I have on any balm or lipsticks, glosses I don't do it. Who wants to lick off her l/s??? I do not!

Well, after a half hour it disappears!!! o__O I don't know how and where to, but it definitely doesn't stay on me, which is disturbing. I don't wan't and can't touch up every hour or so.

Considering it sells for $24 and goes a short time, thanks to the low staying power, it's a bit pricey. I wouldn't mind paying if it would stay on me. Not to mention I have it in 4 colors! hah One green, which gives only shining, an orange, this pink and a beige one. They all look pretty, though the orange is not exactly a match for me, but my favourite is this pink.

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