Friday, November 5, 2010

Essence Eyebrow Styling Kit for the perfect brows!

Again Essence, and this time from the permanent line: Eyebrow Stylist Set.

Even though Essence is cheap they do have some awesome stuff, and this is one of them. It's perfect for novices and pros too, who don't want to shell out $$$.

The clear plastic case contains two shadows, a small brush, 3 templates and a how-to guide.

(click on the photo to enlarge)

There's only this one color combination, but these two are natural enough to fit anyone's skintone and you can use it lightly or pack on more, combine the two shades and use the lighter on the inner part, the darker one on the outer part of your brows.

Personally I prefer the lighter shade as I can create defined brows with quite dark color, but I find the darker shade too much for my fair skin and blond hair.

The templates give three styles to achieve the "perfect brows" sticking to the rules of measures, angles, etc. Just place the plastic to your brows (don't forget the inner starting point should be in line with the inner corner of your eyes) and draw, draw, draw....and voilá your brows are filled and groomed. You can top the hairs with gel or any other fixers you want to make them stay in place.
Of course it's not a must to use the templates if you're lucky and have "perfectly" shaped eyebrows, but most aren't so lucky and this might be a big help for them! 
Choosing the template fitting best your brows' shape, draw them, then pluck the hairs not covered by the shadow and you're one step closer to perfection =)

Above, I used tissue paper to draw the three shapes provided by the styling set =D

The brush is quite good, however, after a half year of usage (or more >.<) the strands started to bend to  backward thanks to swiping the same way every day.

Staying power is excellent, but keep in mind this isn't waterproof...I wish it was >.<

It seems the shadows would last a lifetime of usage and for its price it's awesome!
Ulta carries it for USD2.79! wow In Europe it costs about the same.
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