Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dammit e.l.f.!!!!!!

Checked my mails, saw the newsmail from e.l.f. got lightstruck and headed to the webpage....the deal is you can buy anything for only $1, use the code: LOYAL and get the 21 pieces makeup box ( I mentioned here) for free!!!
I said Oh it's soooo my thing! I'll get a false lash (singles) kit for $1.....With shipping I'll pay only 8 bucks! HAH Can't beat it~
Logging in then see the options: ships only to US and Canada!!!!!! What the fucking helll??????????????????????
I so hate e-stores! &*#ˇ@&#*>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edit: use code: E6TWOSHIP on orders $15 or more for free shipping.  >____>

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