Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Christian Dior Diorshow mascara

Today's victim is Diorshow mascara. Yes, the much raved Holy Grail mascara. Is it THAT good to be THE MASCARA?

You might not know, but what I want from a mascara is volume, volume, volume! (so that my lashes are visible) And power to keep my curl. I don't care about length, I have some. Also, I don't care about mascaras that give an "everyday look". That's like not wearing anything. The point of mascara is to emphasize the lashes, right? (Given, I don't understand why would anyone want a brown mascara either) o_O"

I read many-many reviews of this "gem". Some would sell her soul to own this for the rest of her life, some said it gives spidery lashes, clumps, etc. For those who caw about clumping....please, don't be a blind, blond dumbass and remove the excess material from the wand/bristles!!!!!! But not with a tissue! @_@ (some does it!) Use the hole of the tube, from the inside (when you pull it off), so you can avoid dried mascara pilig up and resulting in the entire tube being dry! Is it that hard????
This way you will not cry when your pricey Diorshow is useless after one month of daily usage.
I've been using mine for 1,5-2 months and it did not dried out nor did it clumped.

Before, I used Max Factor Falsh Lash Effect and Masterpiece Max. Those are the best among drugstore brands, but they smeared on me. Plus, I thought Diorshow would give me the real falsh lash effect I desired for so long. Thus I scored one on ebay (it's still cheaper than buying one for $48 at the counters - with today's rates it'd be $53 *cough*).

I did a comparing test to show before-after pics:

Sorry for the messy application, was lazy to remove the minimal excess, I need a lash brush =D
It's nothing superb, right?

Ah, yes, if you were curious, that ugly yellowy stuff under my eye on the left pic is the concealer (MAC!!!!), Settles in my fine lines in 2 minutes! I'll review it soon. You won't like it! >=DDDDD
I tried to catch the same angle and lightning, but with not much success. Anyhow, I think they are good enough photos for comparison.

Here is the claim: DiorShow Mascara is Dior's original, must-have mascara that delivers ultra-glam, catwalk-length lashes. Makeup artists all over the world use this product to create the longest, thickest, curviest lashes ever.

Here is a shot with open eye from in front:

I chose my right eye to present, since it has lashes that are more fan-like and have some curl. The lashes on my left eye are more straight @_@
See? It's nothing spectacular! To tell the truth, Max Factor looks the same!!! Sorry for compaing it to MF, it pulled out of the US, but that's the only brand what I used for years before, and it's quite good!^^
If you click on the above photo you'll see a faded waterline and some black points underneath....guess what it is?
Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes!!!! XDDDDDD Greeeeeaaaaaaaaate!~~~~

Let's analyze!

  • "longest" lashes - as seen before, it kinda covers lashes to the tips, although i've seen better results >_>

  • "thickest" lashes - ahem...NOOOO......not the thickest. I've seen better! >_>

  • "curviest" lashes - DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH!!!! This does not hold a curve! My lashes are like my hair: dislike to be curled, they never, ever hold a curve! Even if I use my shu uemura curler (heated or not, you decide) once the mascara is more curve T_T You say Diorshow Iconic is good for that? Yes, the counters here do not carry it, and I'm not crazy to spend 30-somethig bucks for a mascara that might be plain crap!

Overall, this is good every-day mascara for me! Does not flake or run, fade or bend by time. (it does smears a bit on the outer corners of my eyes on windy or cold days, or whenever my eyes get teary. I have super watery eyes #_#). If I happen to purchase it for the low price I did the first time, I'm sooo goona buy it! Just for the brush, precise application and decent volumizing it owns me.

For the ultimate, falsie-like lashes I have a better mascara, that is waterproof and does hold a curl!!! Hell, it does!!! Yes, I found it, and love it, and it's a secret!
I'll reveal it (hopefully) soon! Any guess what might be it?
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