Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vichy Normateint Fond De Teint Anti Imperfections Foundation

I have Vichy Normateint Foundation in the color of Nude. Bought it this summer to keep my T-zone under control. Thought this color would fit me. With something "nude" you can't go wrong, right? HAH You're wrong!
This proved to be tad too dark for me, so I'm using it for contouring, under cheekbones and on sides of nose, sometimes on the jawline too.

This way I wasn't able to properly test on my oily zones. Only my nose can serve as proof.

Claim: For a clear, matt long lasting complexion.

SPF 20.
Shine, blackheads and open pores: trying to hide these flaws with a foundation can make them stand out even more.
To regain a visibly clear, matt, pure complexion that lasts all day, you need a foundation able to hide imperfections without creating plastery build-ups upon contact with excess sebum.
Vichy Innovation - NormaTeint.
Sebum-proof texture enriched with a purifying active ingredient.
  • Anti-caking action. The NormaTeint texture has been formulated using ultra-fine pigments specially designed to remain evenly distributed in the foundation for easy application without build-ups. The foundation glides evenly over skin, creating a veil of cover that is smooth, ultra supple, matt and non-cloggy.
  • High-resistance action. the volatile oils within the formula evaporate on application. As it is light, the NormaTeint foundation remains stable upon contact with excess sebum. Foundation stays in place all day long. It maintains its colour freshness as well as its matt, velvety finish.
  • Enriched with Zincadone A, a powerful active ingredient designed to visibly minimise imperfections.

To get to the main point, I was disappointed. It held under my cheekbones without any problem, no cakeing or discoloration was seen.
The problem was my nose. I cleanse my pores there with much care. Usually I can avoide black heads, but you know, there's sebum in your pores all the time. You can't avoid it.
This foundation is meant to keep oils under control and make those problematic parts look flawless.
What you get in fact is optically opened pores, and minimal grease growing in your pores look like rising hills!!! This happens on the lap of my nose only. (hope you get what I mean).

This is the Nude color on my hand. At first glance I'd say oooh that's gonna blend in like dream, but somehow it doesn't. It stays a bit too dark to be used all over my face.

Everything else I'm too lazy to type in is in the quoted part above. Sun-screen, sebum control (?), minimized imperfections (?) and non-cloggy formula...

Will not buy again. Use this until it lasts then bye-bye...
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