Friday, October 30, 2009

Non beauty related post, I think....

So sorry about this post, but I feel so fucked up that I have to rant....I did so in my LJ blog already, but wasn't enough XDDD

If you don't care about my stupid life then I suppose you stop reading now, and pray I'll post something beauty-related soon! HEHE

I never wrote about myself, right, well, I'm X years old, blond, have no brothers, just my Mom and my baby princess Hachiko (1.5 years-old egoistical German shepherd). Finished college this summer and got 2 diplomas. And if that wasn't enough, I went back for more. After Economics & Communication now I'm attending Logistics. And by a sudden chance I took up Rehabilitation Economical-Manager too. This one is run by a different college, in a different city (about 150 kms far from where I live on weekdays). The city where I attend "normal" school is not my hometown, let's call it DV. The other town is GY.

SO, I spend most of my time in DV, and go home to my Mom and my baby once a month for a weekend.

Since I'm so "smart" that I already passed exams of many subjects that are featured in Logistics, this term I only have two courses left (plus PE...swimming @_@). Thus I have classes on Monday and Tuesday ONLY. Rest of the week is free.....I have absolutely nothing to do.

Except Friday and Saturday, when is the "weekend school" in GY. [I have no idea what's the proper English translation, so I use "weekend school" HEHE] The train travel is ~4 hours long and I have to get up around 4am. And I always go with a luggage sufficient for a survivor trip. And I always prepare my skin and hair so that I'll need minimal styling....Not bringing even my flat irons too, for God's sake #_#

So here I am, Thursday night, all ready for the killing weekend (classes continuously from 8-9am to 6-7pm), and I have this thought (6th sense, HUH) to check my schedule online. Last weekend was free becoz of national holiday, OK. And guess what??? This weekend is free too! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did I miss this????? I almost went and took my seat on train for what?! To arrive and see it's fuckin CLOSED AND EMPTY!!!!! And I spend a LOT on train tickets!!!!! Fuck you! How on this screwed up earth can I be this endlessly dumb???? HAH?????
I would have went for nothing!!!!!!! #_#

And I also went on vacation mode on RPG sites too...and told people I'll be away for 2 days. Great! Just plain GREAT!

If you ever want me to do something (for you), just beat me until I move my ass to actually do it! Don't worry, feel free to do it!

If you were crazy enough to read until this point, here is a surprise for you:

hehe now I crawl into my bed, since it's already Friday.....
see you soon <3
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