Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Favourite Hyaluronic-acid skin cares of the moment

Those with dry, dehidrated skin may understand my despair of finding moisturizing products that actually work is terribly hard. 
Thanks to fellow bloggers I was introduced to hyaluronic-acid and it was love at first sighttouch! 

Georgina helped me for the first time, when she CPed a bottle of Hadalabo Hyaluronic Acid Lotion. Yes, the famous one. DA ONE!
Then I went on and found a place that had stocks and now I'm on my 2nd bottle of it.

FYI hyaluronic acid is a chemical that locks hydration into skin (lots of it, up to 1000 times its weight) and so far the best I came across. (Read more about it here or here) For years no lotions, serums, creams were able to reach the deeper levels of my skin, thus I ended up with skin dripping with moisture yet I was itching and felt my skin uncomfortably dry.

HA ended this sad era and I wanted more and saw a blog featuring Shiseido Senka Facial Lotion (made from essence). Don't ask me who it was tho, I don't remember. >.< She praised this lotion and I searched high and low on the internet until I came across it on Adambeauty. Man, he has such gems!^^

Senka Facial Lotion has two types (as far as I know): 
  • blue - made from essence and
  • pink - made from moisturizing cream.
I went with blue/essence and bought the moist or dewy type lotion with the blue cap. There is a refreshing type of lotion too, with white cap.

Dehydrated skinned girls, believe me when I say that during summer I only used these two products (Hadalabo lotion and Senka lotion) and experienced balanced skin! No oiliness and no dry patces or itching! 

Senka Facial lotion also operates with hyaluronic acid, so it was practically a double dose of HA, YEY!
My summer skin care routin was: toner, Hada Labo HA lotion, Shiseido Senka lotion, whitening toner or serum, eye cream, sun screen. That's all. 
Now that the weather turned colder, I need to follow up with cream moisturizer though.

This 200ml Shiseido Senka bottle costed USD16 which I will pay gladly next time I order. However it won't be tomorrow as I only need very little to cover my face and neck. :)

What Hyaluronic products do you use?

Do you have personal tricks or tips?

My secret tip:
After a long night of partying or trip on windy places do the following:
- clean your face and neck thoroughly
- prepare skin with toner
- apply lotion containing high amount of hyaluronic acid
- wet your hands with tap or mineral water immediately (don't wait for the lotion to be absorbed!)
- pat your wet hands all over your face and/or neck, where the lotion is still present
- pat until until the lotion-water mixture is fully absorbed

Voilá, extra dose of moisture thanks to the water-locking ability of HA.

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