Friday, March 19, 2010

Revealing the truth...and some more

You know I have a secret I couldn't tell, right?
You're curious, huh?
Now I can freely share the news!

I got a job! YES~~~~

And where?

At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs!

kyahahahahha~ I'm soo happy! *dances around*

I'm starting on 1st April, and I have to move to the capital! I already have a flat booked. Actually, I'll share it with someone else, but I'll be free to do and live as I want! No more fucking roommates I have to care about~~~~
And, this also means lots of malls and beauty brands I couldn't reach before!  *___* I already found a store carrying brands like Bvlgari (hope not only the parfumes), Donna Karan, D&G (again, please, let it be makeup too), Versace, Dsquared2 and Giorgio Armani! Now, this is the second (and so far) last place that sells GA! Except GA, I didn't know these brands are available here!^^

Not that I will have time to spend hauling and drooling on the weekdays....and on weekends malls are crowded like H.E.L.L!!!!

Well, this the secret I couldn't tell and consumed several days and energy to hunt down the perfect place to live in. It might not be as exciting say...winning the lottery or moving to Japan HEHE ;D
But it definitely makes me happy, and I'll have more money to spend LOL

Now let's move on to a lil review!
Before I mentioned, that the spring collection of essence is "cute as hell". here
It was due to be on shelves in February, but the stores were late and until last week I din't go back to check if they had them already. Well, they did have the full collection, and I picked up the only blush:

Excuse me for not bothering with stock photos.

It's quite a neon pink in RL, but looks super cute and fresh on skin.
On the pics it looks cool toned but in fact it's neon pink! You know, those pink, yellow, green and whatnot highlighter pens we used to use in highschool. Yes, that!

The packaging is similar to MAC, and the consistency is hard. I dropped it once and it is totally unharmed!^^ However hard, it's easy to pick up the powdery blush.

If you had problems with fast fading blushes, you'll love this! It sticks like nothing I've ever seen! I rubbed, rubbed and rubbed and it still looked the same, then washed my hand and it needed a longer washing! <--I'm talking about the hand swatches here.
When on my face it stays put until I remove it with oil.

And it sticks not only to skin but brushes too!  If you decide to buy this, be prepared to stand another blush brush in line only for this blush, or you can wash it every time you used this, as the bristles are "dyed" by the blush.
I mean it! You can't tap it off or blow off, swiping won't work either =D

That's how it looks on my brush. Right side is minimal freshly picked powder, while on the left side of the tips you can see some residue from previous applications. Maybe it's just me who can see where to look at..nah, believe me, it's not much different affter application either.

Finally the swatches:

Of course finger swatch on the right side, blended brush application on the right.

You need a light hand to make this blush work. You can easily overdo it and create candy pink clown cheeks.

I'd recommend this to everyone!
Surely not a color you can pull on an everyday natural look, but everyone's purse needs this shade.
And with a staying power, name(WAWAWAWOOO! seriously!) and price (friggin 2.50 USD on sale!) you can't go wrong!

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