Wednesday, March 10, 2010

L'Oreal Studio Line Hot Straight


I'm writing an actual post! LOL
As I'm in good mood to write my diploma work, I picked a short one from my accumulated reviews. I felt bad for not updating, you know? =)

Before, I introduced you my favourite heat protection tool for hair: Tony&Guy Iron-It Heat Defence Spray.
Well, this L'Oreal cream would be the runner up on my list....but then I'd be veeery generous! It's nothing new, been here like forever, but I always need a cheap replacement for my T&G when it's not with me.
I'm using my 2nd bottle of Hot Straight cream.

I keep loosing faith in L'Oreal products >.>

The packaging is slightly different depending on where you're located, but it's very chick thanks to it being pink and the "mushroom". Okay, I dunno what to call the dispenser, but it looks like a mushroom, so that's it!
You pull it upwards then squeeze.
It works okay until you have lots of cream in the tube, but once it starts to lessen, you can't just turn it upside down, since it won't stand stright on your shelf.

I remember this was advertised with Beyoncée. Do you recall her spike straight, healthy, shiny hair? Nice, right? Okay, I didn't like its color, but it was pretty anyway.

So, the question is, would this cream help achieve the same result?
Frankly speaking.......NO


Now you know, so you can stop reading. XD
If you're still here, then here are the instructions from the back of the bottle:

Let's see what it claims to do:
"Sleek, protected and ultra-glossy hair…simply dazzling!
Hot Straight smoothing creme is specially designed to be used with straightening irons and hair dryers. It promises you a long-lasting, sleek look while protecting your hair from heat damage."
"For short to mid-length hair, apply a single dab of smoothing creme. For long to very long hair: apply 2 dabs of smoothing creme. For use with a straightening iron: apply to towel-dried hair. Work a small amount of Hot Straight throughout your hair but avoiding the roots. "Comb" your hair using your fingers to ensure that the product is well-spread. For long hair, repeat the process using a second blob of creme. To finish, detangle your hair using a brush or comb. Blowdry hair thoroughly."

AHHA Right! Just like that!

Instead of a hazelnut-size, I squeeze out a watermelon LOL just becoz that little "hazelnut" cannot cover my short hair! Physically impossible!

Use it only when blow-drying, or if you have a flat iron that can be used on wet hair!!!!!
After drying you can do your straightening!
You won't have frizz-and-spiky-ends-free hair, but at least you got some heat protection!

Do NOT use it on completely dry hair before ironing! It's super damaging for your hair!
It won't soak in, so when the hot iron touches it, the cream boils/dissolves burning your hair too!

This is the biggest drawback of Hot Straight: I can't use it daily, since I ain't wash my hair every day.
But then, why do I keep on buying it?
Hmm....coz I need heat protection and this is cheap....and I can live with it a few times every month!^^
Ahem...about the secret.....still can't reveal it! You know, burocracy is S.L.O.W.!!!!!!
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