Monday, December 21, 2009

Tony&Guy Iron-It Heat Defence Spray

It's almost Christmas! Do you attend Xmas parties? Prepare well! Pay attention to your hair too not just your makeup!
Blow-drying, curling, straightening, all requires hot tools which destroyes our hair.
What products do you girls use to protect your hair?

I've been using this Tony&Guy Iron-It Heat Defence Spray for more than a year now. Only one bottle! Yes, a 200ml bottle lasted me a year with almost every day use. Of course weekends and other holidays when I don't go anywhere don't count.

Actually, this is my very first heat protection product that you can use on dry hair. As I don't wash my hair every day, I don't make good use of leave in protectors (for wet hair).

So, does this work? I'd say yes!
I only blow-dry and iron my hair, but I think that's enough to put this to a tough test. So, I suggest to spray this on a few minutes before using heat devices as it needs some time to absorb. I'd say comb it through you hair too so it covers everything. If you dry or iron your hair before it had time to dry, your hair will be frizzy, the ends poking out here and there. In worst cases I found my hair become harsh to the touch! So the lesson is let it dry!
Also, with irons, if it hadn't absorbed, you'll encounter sizzling and steaming. You know, liquid becoming fume! And this is veeeeeery bad for the hair!
Anyway, it gives a nice protection and my hair remains smooth after styling.

I have the temptation to try other products now that I emptied this bottle, but to tell the truth, the choices are very limited here: craps overpriced and very expensive stuffs I'm not sure work good enogh for that price tag. So I might just buy another Tony&Guy LOL
It's listed £5.37 on the website which is about USD8-9, waay cheaper than $12 as I can buy it here. Oh well.
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