Monday, December 21, 2009

I Nuovi Metallogy Eyeshadows review

I had a loooong overdue review about the I Nuovi eyeshadows I won on a giveaway! Since early October I took my time to test them, right? HAHA Sorry!

The colors I have: Nickel, Oxide and Champagne (in order as on the photos above)


So sorry for the photo quality! It's only lamp lighting insight as there's no useable daylight and the colors got washed out. With flash it's even worse, so that's all I can provide right now.
On the left it's Champagne, Oxide in the middle and Nickel on the right.
Champagne is a nice mixture of pearly pink, beige, and peach.
Oxide is a taupeish golden brown, similar to MAC Patina (review coming soon) but a tad more shimmery.
Nickel is a dark brown with a hint of grey.
I found application with brush hard. I mean, the bristles don't pick up enough shadow, so I use sponge applicators. I think this is the only negative I can say about the products.
There's no fallot upon application and they go on smooth too! And blending is easy too! All three colors compliment each other well!

Metallogy Eyeshadow comes in 16 shades and costs $21 which is not the best price on the market. But the staying power and silky shimmer is pretty good IMHO. It starts to crease on me after 8 hours which is decent considering I don't use any primer!
All in all, I'm happy to be the owner of these I Nuovi eyeshadows!
If all their products are as good as this, then I'd be more than happy to put my hands on some more things.
And the fact that they ship worldwide is a big plus! Now all I can wish for is sales! HEHE
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