Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Nuovi Metallogy Eyeshadows

I got a package today which I didn't expect for a few more days.
Ladies, I won the first giveaway of my life!!!
Thank you Jojoba for the chance!~
Yes, and the prize was 3 eyeshadows in the colors I could pick! YAY

Here it is, the envelope....I love it! Can you see the left side? Yes, that shiny, holographic writing!!! It says I nuovi Group which is the name of the brand.

See how pretty it is???? I'm a sucker for everything glittering! >_<"
Now, here are my little babies, brand new in box!

wow mirror like top! You can see my hands and the cam! But thanks God my head is off~
The colors (from left to right): Nickel, Oxide, Champagne

I'll give myself some time to experiment and will post again with thorough review!
I picked from the safe color range, right? Oh, well~
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