Sunday, December 20, 2009

First snow of the winter!

This won't be a beauty related post, sorry! Wait, it is though, if you consider nature a beauty, as I do.

Note that I love winter. It's cold and snowy and puer white and calm.....and so on.
It's rare when the first snow stays longer than two days, and this year it's almost a week and the snow just keeps coming! How freaking cool is that? *_*

This is what I saw from my dormitory window the first snowy morning! Not a great sight, huh? =D I was so surprised to see snow! The night before that morning hadn't shown any sign of snow!

Now I'm home. I mean, at "home" home. And that's what I see from my bedroom's window:

Looooots of snow! *.*

And from the terrace:

That's Hachiko, my lil egoist princess! A German shepherd.

I will come back with reviews soon! ;D
Also, I changed the replying system, as it turned out you guys don't receive notification of follow up comments! Now you don't have to check back to see if I replied or not. Tell me if it doesn't work or something!
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