Sunday, July 11, 2010

Yves Rocher - Active Sensitive Soothing Decongesting Eye Care

Yves Rocher grew close to me in the last months. Partly, becoz they have a store near where I live now. (But I can't stand their SAs....they are push-yyyyyyyyyy and dumb with old fashioned skincare knowledge)

Anyway, I had to pick up a new eye-cream, but didn't have the $$$$ to buy expensive ones, so I thought why not try Yves Rocher ones....thus I ended up with Active Sensitive Soothing Decongesting Eye Care. Pheww~ What a long name^^ It's only how it's called in my country. You might find it as "Anti-Puffiness Eye Gel".

What it says: Sensitive skin requires gentle, yet expert care. The eye area is very fragile and it deserves special attention. Active Sensitive formulas help your skin become resilient to external aggressions.
Pack away those bags! Vegetal Sophorine’s formula is effective in soothing fragile skin. This fresh gel instantly decongests to reduce puffiness, bags and signs of fatigue on even the most sensitive eyes. Instantly soothes and comforts.
The Plus : Clinically tested on sensitive eyes and wearers of contact lenses, under ophthalmological, dermatological and allergist supervision.
The squeeze tube contains 15 ml (0.5 oz) creamy gel that becomes watery when on skin and absorbs fast.
Thankfully this IS a cream developed for sensitive eyes. I've met some that stung when it get accidentally into my eyes, but this isn't!

Does it work? Fights puffiness? Honestly, I don't know. If I lack sleep I don't get puffy eyes, the terrible discoloration under my eyes is the only sign. The few times I had bags I didn't slep more than 4 hours for days. This hasn't happened since I started using this gel, so I couldn't test it.
Dark circles? It does nothing against them, but nothing works for me =(

If you have sensitive eyes and want something to hydrate your skin around eyes then this is a great stuff. Might even help after a hard-party-night. But if you want wrinkle-treatment, SPF (for the summer) or hardcore dark-circle fighters, then look elsewhere.

Even though I have half of the tube left, I'm already thinking of what eye cream to buy next, but I doubt any could beat the 10-15 USD price tag while making no mistakes.
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