Friday, July 9, 2010

Lunasol Sheer Contrast Eyes

One of my very first Lunasol eyeshadow palettes: Sheer Contrast Eyes.
Color is Lavender Coral

I know there are gazillions of Lunasol reviews out there, but I just have to write know...It's Lunasol! And mine! Finally! *snickers*

My next goal is a SUQQU palette, but only in the far future XD

I got it from a fellow blogger. She had many of these colors, so passed on some of her palettes.And I sooo wanted this!^^

On to the review:

Got some horrible lighting...
Pearly pink and lilac, plum and yellow.
"Lavender coral"
Got the lavender, but where's coral? o_O

Pink and lilac (or lavender^^) has a silky-buttery touch, are easy to apply and present a surprisingly good  color-payoff!.
The darkest, plum shade is scratchy to the fingers compared to the two softs above, and has to be layered if needed the intensity of the "in-pan" color.
The yellow....why is it even there? It's simply colored shimmer powder. Personally I don't make much use of it. Maybe as a base to shine from under the other colors layered on top of it.....or put a little to the middle of your eyelid as a finishing touch to create  a somewhat 3D effect. Or it might work under the brows.

Staying power is not as good as I could imagine, but better than average.

The case is classy and elegant, tho a fingertip magnet, has a full size mirror inside and two applicators. One with thin and normal sized ends, the other with a normal sponge and a brush. However small, they do a good job of application.

I think every makeup lover girl needs a Lunasol palette, and this line: Sheer Contrast Eyes seems worth the $$$.....Thankfully this isn't  as sheer as Japanese eyeshadows tend to be and the texture is good too. In another review you'll see not all Lunasol e/s palettes has great texture, thus the price is questionable....
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