Sunday, July 4, 2010

Essence - Crazy about color eyeshadow duo


First real review post  after my long hiatus.
I had a hard time deciding what to write about first, since I have several foundations, eyeshadow palettes (Lunasol and Maquillage included), etc. but it's summer, right? We need some freshness in colors and light makup, aren't we?

Personally, I tend to wear no'd melt off anyway, if possible waterproof mascara, contouring on my cheeks, plain eyelining, maybe some "hardly there" eyeshadow.

Some time ago I saw a blogger mention that the dirt cheap European brand, Essence is available in the US too, and since I hauled a lot from this brand lately, I want to start with their current 'April-May' release: Crazy about color.

From the 3 color combinations I picked C03 (BTW, with not super-limited-editions they use dumb numbering)

Love the casing colors....funky. Actually, the pinks and purples are more intense IRL, but let's see what's inside:

Pink and (apple?) green......hard to use together, but not impossible.

Both colors are frosty and satiny.
Pink has a bit of silver, while the green got a little yellowy-golden sheen to it.
Sorry for the sheer photo! Both colors are much more intense!
I'm in love with the green! It's that beutiful color between apple green and toxic green (or whatever it's know what I mean!)

Surprisingly pink makes me look sick, while green freshens!^^

Texture wise this combination was the best! soft and satiny with good color payoff. The other two combinations of the Crazy about color edition were more harsh to touch and the color payoff was worse too!

You'll see the 2 glosses, shimmer brick and 2 nail polishes being reviewed by me, and many more from other collections!
Hope the new edition (Eclipse) is finally out and I'm not outrun by teens and have the chance to stock up XD

It's basically the same as the old Twilight collection was, but I seriously want to see that Diamond Powder!^^

NOTE: Watched the Eclipse movie....Good! Go and watch if haven't done so!.However, the final battle was rushed IMHO, and the scene where Bella takes the rock and cuts herself wasn't done well. They didn't make the connection clear to the Quilet's tales. Those whoo read the book feel this part better, but who didn't (is there anyone who didn't read the books?) not sure connects the two things.
And.....the opening scene is too cheesy for my taste....guess I'm getting old.....
All in all: Goooood ;)
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