Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Max Factor Mastertouch Under-eye Concealer

Yet another dive into the depths of the Concealer Realm: Max Factor Mastertouch Under-eye Concealer.
I got this as a freeby with a magazine for 4 bucks or less....couldn't let it pass, as it reatils for 10-15 bucks here. However, I don't know about the prices at other countries.

What MF says: "Ever wondered how top models keep their skin looking flawless at all times? Tried backstage by professional make-up artists at the hottest catwalk shows, new Mastertouch Concealer is a miracle product to give you the expert touch of a professional make-up artist. With an easy-to-apply texture it hides blemishes. It’s all down to a special skin smoothing applicator and light-diffusing creamy formula that makes precise coverage a breeze!
To really get the most from your concealer try applying it after your foundation and before your powder. Why? The foundation gives the concealer something to cling to and following with powder really sets the look. It’s a real trick of the trade - try it yourself!"

The color of mine is Fair (306) and there's only 3 color options (ivory, fair and beige) which is quite shameful IMHO!

It's a click-pen type of concealer, so you have to rotate the end of the pen to get the concealer out. I had a hard time makeing it work.....I clicked&clicked&clicked&clicked like forever, but finally it worked, but as you can see, I screwed the inside lid to the 1/3 of the pen to get any concealer out to the sponge tip...

Sponge applicator. Yes, some of you might freak out, screaming 'not hygenic', but as long as I touch it only to super clean skin, there might not be disasters coming.

Fair fits me well, blends like dream, won't crease into fine lines under my eyes.
There's always a but, right? =D
It will not cover huge red pimples, much less "grown up" acnes, or serious dark circles. not for the life of me.

It works fine for freckles and minor to medium redness as an overall concealer.
Don't know why Max Factor thought it to be a master under-eye concealer as it won't make wrinkles disappear either, not to mention dark circles.

Anyhow, as a lighweight concealer for smaller problems it's great, but don't expect it to erase all your faults in a wink, as it never will, not even layering madly XD

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