Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Big news & HG sheet mask

I have big, great, life changing (at least for me) news, but ain't share them for a while BWAHAHAHHAHA
Up to guess~

Well, nothing is 100% sure yet, nor signed (oops..a hint) but everything is on track!

Today was a veeery fruitful day, and I'm feeling high, so I decided to finally write a review...or raving..whatever.
I have so many things to write about, yet school and the aforementioned change drains me. Right now I'm typing with eyes shut too HAHAH

Hope to reveal the secret soon, but until then, I'm gonna bath in my new find: The Face Shop Essential Mask Sheet (Pearl) which upgraded to Holy Grail status after the very first usage! HAH

So far I thought nothing could beat My Beauty Diary masks....I was wrong!

The Face Shop site says it's to brighten skin. Well, thanks for a tremendous amount of info!
In the end it doesn't matter that the site gives no information. Once you try this mask, you won't need any words! Katelyn (or Chomifi) also did a review about this product, do see what she tought!

I regret not trying this out sooner!

When first opening the sachet it spurted liquid on me....I thought it sucked. The cloth dripped wet. Literally. I had to be fast putting it on! And there was a "pool" of liquid left in the sachet that I used on my neck, hands and arms(!) too. I was drowning in it HAHA

It makes skin well hydrated and smooth as a baby's! I couldn't stop touching myself! (no dirty thoughts, okay?!)
Remember my last "no foundation" FOTD? That look was done right after using this pearl mask! Thus I have to say, it does brighten skin, as I usually have an unhealthy, sick skintone, but not on the photo! I'm impressed!

The Essential Pearl Mask Sheet is cheap....no matter where you look, so give it a try!

And the scent! OMG The scent! You know my nose is useless, but I do know it's an awesome fragrance I could sniff till the end of my life. Powdery and dreamy, and calming, inspiring, sweet and floral....arrgh

Buy it and tell what you feel, how it smells to you!
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