Thursday, February 18, 2010

Words, words and words....

Hey hoy! I'm back!
I've been a bad-baaaad blogger, right? I'm gonna be a good girl from now least I will try HEHE
School started and I'm exhausted. I have to write a diploma work yet again (in 1,5 months, and I don't know what to write in it) while attending stupid and boring classes, with youngsters. Me being an old hag among them is uncomfortable anyway, and the fact that classes start at 8am every day doesn't help a bit!
I'm so deadly tired!

And I have to attend English language lessons too! For what, I don't know! Damned regulations work differently than before. >_> It's such a meaningless class! They learn nothing, just babbling single words like they were sentences. And the teacher.....her pronunciation sucks big time. I dare say even mine is better, even tho I haven't speaked a word in English for years, and not much before that either @_@

Nah, enough of my ranting! I'm back to dorm, with worse lighting to take photos. But I left my cam at home coincidentally! Thankfully I made lots of photos before, with the new "borrowed" cam. I'm gonna use them for a while...

I got a package form Dan, which I still need to take pics of! Thank you BBFF! ^__^ I'll show everything from the pack!

And another surprise awaited me! I got another sample of Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel. What the hell?! How? And Why?
There was no explanation, whatsoever attached. Did they hear my prayer? Or read my blog?
Hmm anyway, I'm so happy to receive it! ^.^

I look around the beauty blogs and see what? MACMACMAC! WTF? I'm kinda fed up with their releases....They have just a few interesting colors, but nothing spectacular.
The only item poking my head is that duo blush that fades from one color to the other. You know which one! That, I'd like to cart home for a date! =)

I promise to come back with proper reviews and also reply the comments I haven't done so!
Until then,
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