Sunday, August 28, 2011

After the stressful work some leisure time...

Just a short post stating I'm still alive and am definitely going to start posting again soon! :)

After a killing period at work I was able to spend some quality time with a good friend of mine, sailing on the Balaton....

*click on it to enlarge....yumm*

And forever-best-Georgina visited HK a while ago and helped me get some things I've been lusting after...
Some of them were part of the hated Sasa order. BTW, deleted my order on their own since I didn't provide the data they nice of them.... keeps on rotating my pics no matter how many times and with what programs I save the photos in the desired direction...WTF
Anyhow, you can see clearly what's on them, just click:

  • MUFE Aqua Smoky Lash mascara 2x
  • MUFE Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector (color nr 0)
  • Naris Wink Up Maxigrade mascara
  • Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume & Curl mascara
  • Hada Labo Hyaluronic acid lotion
  • extra masks
Now I'm feeling pampered! ^.^  

Thank you again, Georgina! Love ya! <3

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