Sunday, June 26, 2011

Update on the fiasco

Does anyone wonder how the tale of my order continues?
I do.

I wrote them a nice letter hoping to get a reply with valuable ideas, yet what I got was even more disappointment.

In my long letter I tried to draw in a humble yet firm tone, mentioning how this treatment is not good for their PR. Okay, it's not like my little blog gets 236264 hits a day, but until I decide to delete the post it's going to stay on the net forever. 

Now either scroll down or highlight.

"Dear XY!

Thank you for replying so fast!

To tell the truth, I expected a more constructive response. 
As I mentioned before, until your company finalizes the transaction I will not have any written proof of the money being transferred. I doubt it's a unique way only my bank uses.

The other option, where I send a copy of my credit card is simply unacceptable. And not just unacceptable but hilarious and unsafe! Whatever your company regulations may be, it does not work this way in the rest of the world and it makes seem like a fraud, not me.

26th June is Sunday, that means the order amount that was locked before will be unlocked and my account balance increased with it by Monday or Tuesday. If is not willing to finalize the transaction by then, I will ask you to make a change in my order. If it's possible, of course. I would gladly change the payment method to Paypal and pay that way (only after I see my bank balance increased with the locked money).

Yes, I still would like to receive the goods I ordered since I think it was a good deal, but if your company decides to cancel my account, I am going to gladly spend my money elsewhere.

Also, I would like to express that I cannot see how I am suspected of fraud or conducting illegal activities. What is it based on? How could I do anything that would be pernicious for Sasa? 

I think this verifying process and treatment is bad for public relations. We, who use online stores prefer to rely on the opinion of bloggers and it is not good to see a company treating customers this way.

Thank you!
Best regards


I expected to receive a mail written by an existing human, but what I got was a compilation of ctrl-c & ctrl-v.
Geez thanks!
The content was the same as in the first post, only this time they provided one little extra information: the contact add where I can cancel my order!

No mentioning of 'we are so sorry to call you a fraud' or 'if you're still willing we will switch you to paypal' or a f@cking simple 'we will make sure our bank finalizes that damn transaction'! 

I'm curious about when my balance will be increased again, on Monday or Tuesday. I'm short on money anyway this month. But then, I'll look around to see where else I can spend that money. HEHE Or I'll just ask the lovely ladies who offered me their help. I LOVE You Girls!  <3 Now I understand how blogging can make friends across the planet! ^.^ 

I'm quite sad about losing this order, as it was free shipping and clearance sale, so I'd say $31 for 2 mascaras, a sunblock and sheet masks was a great deal....but not great enough to endure such accusation and customer service.

Lesson learned: if possible, pay through Paypal! That little fee they may take worths the security and smoothness of transaction.
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