Thursday, June 23, 2011

Need help! suspects me a fraud!

Okay, I usually don't do this, but I need your advice. I never run into this problem, yet I ordered online about a gazillion stuffs.

Here is what happened:
- had a promotion with free international shipping a while ago. That means GO for me, thus I went and ordered a few things (already on sale hehe). This happened on 12 June (Sun).
- when paying (at the time I placed the order....I don't like to pay later) I chose credit card payment since it's a tiiiiiny bit cheaper than with paypal (think of the PP fees)
- I have a service where I got sms on my mobile whenever anything happens with my bank account. I got one stating that the order amount was deducted. In 1 minute after I clicked the finalizing button on
- The order details says "paid" while the order status says "veryfying payment"
- On 13 Jun (Mon) I got an e-mail stating that they still haven't "heared of" my bank sending the money and I should either send them a copy of my credit card statement or a copy of my credit card!

First WTF!

- 13 Jun was a national holiday for us, banks were closed, etc....and such transactions take time to show up on my balance. So I wasn't worried, thought that during that week it would be solved, they get the money and  send my stuffs.
-This week (this is the second week) still nothing showed up on my balance so I went to my bank and asked this whole situation.
- What I got: 1) do not give my card number 2) they checked and the order amount is indeed locked and is waiting to be asked for by Sasa's bank. (this means it's deducted from my balance, can't spend it, etc.) It will stay locked until 26 June. If the other party does not request it by then, I will get it back. (and spend it elsewhere dammit!) 3) since I wasn't the one starting the transaction I don't have any statement/balance copy/whatever about it!
- On 22 June I contacted the costumer service writing down everything in detail...may they not understand the problem...
- On 23 June (Today) I got another e-mail in the style of a computer generated message that says: " screen all orders and reserve the right to withhold or refuse processing any orders due to suspected fraud or unauthorized or illegal activity"

2nd WTF!

Fraud? Illegal activity? 

Are you kidding me? 

It also states that I either send copy of my credit cared or my cc statement. In bold! 
Also, if they think so, they disable my account and refuse to ship to my address.
Because I'm a fraud and illegal activity suspect!

W.H.A.T. T.H.E. F.U.C.K.????????

Just why am I suspected? 

Not one of the other 314234234 online stores suspected me before of anything and now they do? 

IMHO in this situation They ( are the ones with suspection of fraud.
I'm a customer who wanted to use their service, dared to pay directly by credit card and in the end I'm the one threatened!  
They are the ones who do not want to do their part of the contract! 

Everybody knows: Do not give out your account number! Not in any circumstances!
We hear and see the news about what happenes when naive people share their bank account numbers, all the time!

I'm not crazy enough to take a photo of my card and send it via e-mail! Ha! God knows who will see it on the net!

This leaves me with nothing to prove that the card is mine, I paid and I'm an existing person.

I don't even understand how I could fraud them! Buy their stuffs and say bad things about them? Oh please! 
I also don't understand how other bloggers (with thousands of readers) order from and never experience any problem!

Please, any of you out there, tell me, has anything like this happened to you before, heard of anything like this?

Just how should I reply? 

I have a strong feeling that order will never reach me. And that means lots of negative comments from me on other blogs whenever I see an order from!

Any tips, advices?

PS: Thanks for reading this long rant! ^.^ 
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