Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kanebo Tiffa Beauty Sunscreen Cool Type SPF40PA+

Summer came and the urge to buy new sunprotection got stronger too. 
I wanted to try something new, something I never had before...and it had to be cheap! HEHE
In the end I got this: Tiffa Beauty Sunscreen from Kanebo. Adambeauty has it for special/final sale price together with 2 other versions: Pearlish and Silky Look. It was difficult to choose but I ended up buying Cool Type. I thought it would have a cooling effect, but sadly no.

It has SPF40 PA+, lowest sun protection from the trio, but the amount it holds is 45g. And I thought for the same price I'd like more stuff. I was so wrong! 
I didn't pay attention to the pictures shown on the website, or else I would have know it was a spray! In the pic above the black cap hides it, but in the below pic you can read it in Japanese "Beauty Sunscreen Spray (cool)" Damn! I'm so stupid! 

As an aerosol that 45g is used up in a blink!!! 

I found it's best to use like a hairspray and the like (no wonder, it's a spray HA!), hold it about 20-30cm from your face and spray. Press lightly or it will dispense too much. Just a little will cover sufficiently. 
I tried it by spraying directly into my palm, rubbing my palms together then patting on my face, but didn't like this method becoz: 
1) the stuff froze my palm
2) this way too much sunscreen was put on my skin.

I recommend this as a 2nd sunscreen, one you toss into your bag and use on the go, when the one you used in the morning lost its effect. Oily skined girls should avoid it as it leaves behind a little oily residue. 

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