Thursday, July 7, 2011

Etude House

In June I went on a bit of spending spree and ordered few....ahem....tons of stuffs. Since my salary is faaar faaaaar away from what would be sufficient for my makeup needs, I try to stick to cheap yet good quality stuffs. Like the Korean brand Etude House.
I'm always amazed at how good their products usually are, yet affordable. I wanna live in South Korea dammit! =) 

Anyway, I think my only other EH review so far was about the super water and everything-proof Proof 10 Eye Primer (here). 

It's time to move on and increase the number of my tags for the brand. I have a feeling that in the future it's gonna be a big number XD

I bought a Cream Touch Mini BB Brush Compact from ebay.

The seller, reira57 is nice, communicative and really helpful. She even included a freeby: Etude House Total Age Repair Royal Essence sample!

The brush itself is tiny: length is 11cm, brush width is 1,5cm, brush height is 2cm. The bristles are synthetic, soft and packed well, easy to work with, you won't get streaky base makeup left behind that would cause extra work.

It's suppesed to be a multi brush, for application of concealer, foundation, BB cream, highlighter, etc. Overall, cream products.
I'd say, due to it's small size it's not the best for BB creams and foundation as it would take forever to finish your whole face with it. I mainly use it for concealer, skintone correctors and such. It's faster than with a normal concealer brush, since the brush is about double the size.

I got mine for USD 5 plus a tiny shipping fee which is excellent! Even the usual, USD 8-ish price is good IMHO. I bet Korean girls have it for even less...ahh paradise! *___*

Very recommended!^^

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