Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Illamasqua for funerals?

Have you seen it?

OMG It's shocking! ^^

I'm so taken aback that I had to share it as soon as I read it....

Illamasqua teamed up with a funeral family to provide fitting makeup for those who lived self-expressing themselves and sadly reached the end of their lives on this planet.

I find it...kind of morbid, yet a very good idea. It's just fair. 

I don't know much about these things, the last funeral I attended was back in primary school and I didn't even see the body. But I do know that the body must be prepared, with makeup and all so it looks natural, pleasant, not blue-green-grey corpse, whatever.
However, due to my lack of experience I doubt it's morally ok to be made-up as a goth in a coffin. Dunno, maybe the relatives wouldn't like it?  You might think 'And who cares what others think of your makeup when you're dead?!' And you're right. You wouldn't want to look like a totally different person for the rest of your "underground life" just becoz of others' opinion, right? I wouldn't. Personally I would like my relatives to see me for the last time as they have seen me all my life....and if it means extremely heavy makeup, then be it. 
[ok, maybe a bit toned down, angelic look wouldn't be bad either HEHE]

All in all, I doubt it will be a major line for Illamasqua probably due to the price, but  it's definitely something special^^ 

BTW, I find the model in the pic to terribly beautiful! *.* Like a perfect, sculpted, sleeping, eternal beauty. A vamp queen. *.* 
Errr....I'm reading way too many vamp books =D
If I were a billionaire and died young I'd definitely have them brought here to make my corpse up to looks so pretty. No matter the price. They would get accomodation, food, meals paid too :D 

Ooookay, I bet all the above is a big mess of sensless babbling, so if you think otherwise, or simply think me insane....hmm...keep it to yourself? Share it? Your choice. Just be nice! =)
I'm going back to work XD 
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