Friday, November 16, 2012

Sensai Vibrant Cream Color Lipstick

If you follow me on twitter, then you might have noticed that I visited Saint-Petersburg 2 weeks ago. And that I couldn't resist throwing a fortune away on souvenirs, books aaaand makeup!

Well, part of this hauling frenzy is the Kanebo Sensai Vibrant Cream Color Lipstick:

Sensai is a high-end branch of Japanese Kanebo and it means incredibly fine products!
And one of the things that represent quality best is lipstick. You got the scent, creaminess, pigments, feeling on your lips, and several little nuances that are totally personal.

Firt of all, the choice of colors for Vibrant Cream Color lipsticks is not much (15 check them here) and most of them are dark....and/or too dark for my taste.
Thus, I settled for the safest color:  VC 03 Tachibana

Testing makeup instore is tricky. You never see the real color of the product unless you take it home or they have a window and it's daytime full of sunshine. Well, I had neither, so I thought whatever it might turn out to be like, i would love it. I MUST love it. For its price I ought to.

Well, Tachibana (hmmm love its name) is a nice pinkish beige color with warm undertones. The photo above is the closest to reality. It almost looks orange! LOL 

Sensai Vibrant Cream Color VC03 Tachibana without flash
You see how warm it is? *sniff* I wanted a cool toned beige...anyway, this could be a MLBB (my lips but better) color but not for me.

Sensai Vibrant Cream Color VC03 Tachibana with flash
With flash it shows a color closer to my presale expectations. Totally loveable. See? I had to love it and now I've just confirmed my feelings! ^^

But back to the facts: the texture is creamy. No dragging, it melts onto your lips. Even dry lips will get plump wearing this. No ugly flaky skin pieces.
The pigmentation is good, no sign of bleedig or streaking.

Those who have a hard time with scented lip products will definitely love this: it's unscented!

The coverage is just as good quality as the lipstick itself. No lousy feeling, cheap materials, the cap closes well, the design is simple yet elegant.

The price is equally elegant too, I'd say. It sells for 40 dollars at major stores, so it's not for low budgets. But if you find a color close to your hart and want to surprise yourself on your Birthday, then go and get it! 8D

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