Friday, October 23, 2009

Rimmel Stay Glossy 6Hrs Lipgloss

Here is another cheap find I bought with the intention of making it a dupe for the Maquillage lippi I got from Jaqueline. What if I run out of it? I need something that at least reminds me of the color: a beautiful nude-beige.

This Rimmel was on sale and the color is sooooo similar I had to grab it. Color is: Here to Stay.
I like the name of the color!

The packaging is so-so. Not ugly, but not something I'd fall in love with. There are prettier gloss tubes out there.

This gloss was/is advertised as a gloss with a new wand shape for better application. As you can see (pay attention to the shadow too!) the only difference from the usual sponge apllicator is the tightening tip while the width remains the same. I admit it's easier on the lower lips. Feels more natural when applying, but for the upper lips it's worse than the normal wand. I have to reach from above to make it fit. Maybe it's just me and I don't get how to use it, but it's frigging annoying to raise your arm above your head and descend from there @_@ Tell if you know better, but I can't use it positioning my arms the "normal" way.


The color is pretty, isn't it? I'd say the feeling it gives is the average. Just the same stickiness-tackiness as with other glosses. Definitely not the nothing-there-type-awesomeness, but not the glue-type-I-can't-open-my-mouth either.

My biggest broblem is: it promises to stay on for 6 hours. Now, don't get me wrong but I doubt there's a gloss in this planet that actually stays on that long. No, I don't know about of L'Oreal's much raved about 6hours gloss (don't remember the name) and since I'm sure it won't be released in this segment of the world in the next 1-2 years, I dare to say only lipsticks are able to do stick with you that long. That is if you don't eat/drink/kiss/speak/whatever.

Anyway, Stay Glossy is supposed to be long-lasting. Well, it isn't! It friggin' disappears from my lips in no more than 30 minutes. That's the top! The longest I could make it stay! It did not smeared/run on me though. The color just simply disappeared! Beat me, I must be super stupid, but I don't understand where the colors go from such products.....remember my shu uemura RU review? Evaporates into air??? Is it even possible?
Only a watery sheen remains. That's it.

I'm so angry! Ordinary glosses stay on longer! Don't claim something that the product would never ever do, dammit! Never gonna buy Rimmel glosses anymore! Not even if they throw it after me...........

You know, there are items among drug store brands that are good or may i risk better tha the high end products. This Rimmel Stay Glossy 6Hrs Lipgloss is not one.
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