Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kose Softymo White Cleansing Oil

I have a LOT of reviews waiting for posting. I'll try to do some on Sunday and.....Sunday. Then I go home for a long weekend. So during that week no reviews.

Today, I write about Kose Softymo White Cleansing Oil.
I wanted to try a pure oil cleanser after falling in love with Shiseido Beauty Voltage Make Off. It was an oily gel and LOVE!

I was broken a month ago (when I bought Kose), so I had to exclude Shu Uemura and DHC oils. I'm still wondering if it worths to shell out that much money for a bottle (mineral) oil when I can find an equal for less.
I have not tried them myself, but judging from the raves, Softymo White is far from them. Oh, no! Wait! I did try DHC Cleansing Oil! (I got a load of samples of it LOL) And that was more than enough for a thorough trial. Ah, that's another post, so back to Softymo!

Kose Softymo White Cleansing Oil can remove make up and dirt effectively. It removes excess horny layer with melanin and makes your skin transparent and soft.

Where should I start?
The smell.
It's horrible! It must be the mineral oil....anyway, they should have put in some lemon or flower or whatever ingredient! Even if it just softened the smell, it would have been better! It's so disgusting when I scrub my face!

I need 2 pumps for my face, and 1 extra for my eyes. I rub it on dry skin for about a half minute, maybe one minute (depending on the amount of makeup I had on), emulsify with a little water, rub it more and rinse it with water.
And here comes another personal problem! With Beauty Voltage I got used to open my eyes to see if there was mascara left on my lashes. I could do it without stinging and being blinded. With Softymo it's impossible. I know no normal human being would open her eyes while using makeup remover, but I was free to do it, dammit!
Now I have to rub the mascara off carefully, coz the oil gets into my eyes and stings lightly if I don't hurry! Not to mention opening my eye! It's impossible. Even if I were to tolerate the stinging, I wouldn't see anything! The oil makes this white haze on my eyeballs so that I can't see anything. *grrrrr* When rinsing, I need to pay extra attention to this, spending some time on getting it out of my eyes.

The feeling it leaves behind is.......tight. Stripped off of excess oils....nothing is left behind. Only dry and warm skin, needing hydration.
Cleansing power is good though. No trace of makeup/dirt. But I'd suggest using toner and other skin care steps you usually do.

Oh, yes. The WHITE label! You think it helps fighting melanin production, thus helps the anti-freckle products, right?
I highly doubt so!
It's just some oversized letter for better advertising, which I fall for too.
It does nothing! If stripping your skin off of the half-dead skincells, maybe the top layer too is considered reducing melanin, then this might work. IF!

The bottle is inconvenient if you want to take it with you on a travel becoz of the pump.

Anyway, for the price ($7.60 on Sasa) this amount (230ml) is a good deal. But there are better cleansers out there....
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