Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Shiseido Beauty Voltage Make Off

First review! =D And it's a great product also! Though i'm prejudicial to Shiseido. I love the brand and thus all their goods.
Beauty Voltage Make Off is an oil based make-up remover, but it has a bit creamy feeling. I don't need much of it for my whole face. Just massage it on then wash off with water. It leaves my (dry and sensitive) skin a healthy, silky, nice feeling, no oily residue. It removes everything without fail, even the hard to remove mascaras, though i haven't tried it with waterproof ones. Afterwards using other cleansers or toners on pads, there's no trace of make-up, which i met all the time with other products.
Also, while massaging it (no hard rubbing!) i can open my eyes without stinging! wow I love it! My eyes are sensitive, sadly.
It costs ~$36, more or less,which is quite pricey imho (especially for 100g), but you can buy it waaaaaay less, just look for the good places.
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