Thursday, October 15, 2009

MD Skincare 50% off sale

Okay, another post dedicated to sales, sorry! I'll try to be short. I'm so deadly tired that I could fall asleep on the keyboard >_>
I got the newsmail an hour ago, but the deadline is near, so I'd rather hurry.

Fall is here and our skin needs extra protection against cold weather! (Today it snowed here...@_@)
Well, for two days (that ends on 17. Saturday 11:59PM EST) you get 50% off on any MD Skincare purchase that reaches $50!!!! I'd say that's a great deal!
Plus, if you're among the first 500 to buy, you'll receive a Detox Duo Bath Set (a $55 value set) for FREE!
If you read this a bit after I posted, I think you'll have high chances to get the freeby too.
It just turned to the 15th here, so there's almost 3.5 days left for US residents. hmm nice~
Oh, I almost forgot! You need to use the code 50Promo at checkout!
Personally, I haven't tried the brand, but heared good things. If you're looking for extra protection against sun, or indulgence for your body, I'd say this is a good alternative for the price =D
I'm a sucker for everything "SALE"~
Beat me....
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