Monday, October 11, 2010

Ettusais - Medicated Acne (HG)

This summer I had a serious acne war, such I've never seen before. It was terrible! Not during my adolescence had I suffered from these volcanos. Took me 2 months but I realized the summer heat caused sweating + terrible smog @ capital I'm not used to + dirty transportation + not enough vitamins + extreme AC at work combo was to blame.
Thus I needed some badass stuff to treat my skin.

So I reached for my HG, a secret weapon against acne I use only in emergency. Ettusais' Medicated Acne line. A sample set I bought a looooong time ago from Cosmetic-Candy.
Back then I had no reason to try them as I had none nasty acne, not even a pimple. If I had known.....Moving to Budapest killed my skin *grrrr*

Anyway, the base products seen below are must haves, I stocked up on them and bought some other products too to try.

Before this summer's disaster, however bad acnes I had the Aqua Shooter and Skin Version Up duo killed them completely in 3 days. Some stubborn ones needed 5 days most. That, is pretty good IMHO considering the huge bump, redness, nasty liquid, everything disappeared....with minimal or no scarring. And I count the scarring's end into the 3 or 5 days!

Now, it was a slow struggle. By the time one bitch disappeared another 2 grew out. Then I changed tactics and bought litres of anti-bacterial gels for my hand, tried to avoid touching anything during transportation and most importantly, not touching my face before washing it thoroughly! This, paired with Ettusais succeded and by August I was a happy and clean faced folk again! YES~

Skin Version Up: Before you decide to slap on any of the good stuff, prime your skin with this permeation promoting liquid so that your skin's horny layer is softer, more moisture absorbent and less 'hydrophobic' Formulated with AC Control oil to suppress acne and optimize your skin's natural moisture.
This isn't a proper acne-fighter but a preparing lotion, but I like to use it as one...and it works.
Aqua Shooter: Available in two options for oily or dry skin, this amazing product promotes cell layer resistance and prevents their thickening, thus eliminating one of the major causes of acne and dryness.
Got oily skin? The moisture-laden lotion in this Oil Control version penetrates deep into your skin to control sebum production, prevent acne formation and promote skin hydration.
Got dry skin? The skin toner in this Moisture Up version supplies moisture generously, balances out sebum, removes shine and keeps acne at bay.
These aren't that useful as the green Skin Version Up (on their own), but are necessary. If I leave this step out the outcome won't be the same.

As I mentioned, I stocked them up with bigger sizes and hauled some other products too. Just in case....The price is not so cheery, especially when you buy a lot, but the result justifies the $$$.

See what Facial Shop or Bobodave have in stock from the brand. At you can even buy sample sizes for cheaaaaaaap. I'd say that's a better investment, as a little goes a long way. Unless you slap a dripping cloth with Ettusais every day on your face XD

Some girls on MUA complained about the Skin Version Up containing (too much) alcohol and thus burning their acnes. I don't know if they are for real or they have hyper-super sensitive skin or what, but I have dry and sensitive skin and SVU never "burned" me, not even a slight tingle came, and I did rubbed it.....into the volcanos! Since I had been used to acne treatments burning like hell, I expected this to be the same, but it never caused me any irritation, whatsoever....So pleasant! Works better than any other and doesn't hurt! *____*

Anyhow, those who can read the ingredients, here it is: (click on it to enlarge)

As for the other Ettuais stuffs I got, that's gonna be another post =D

EDIT: Ooookay, I should have read till the end......someone posted the ingredients of both SVU and Aqua Shooter on MUA (3rd review from backward). I told ya! No alcohol, right? =D Only in Aqua Shooter, but I didn't feel it in that either o_O
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