Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lunasol Control Makeup Base

Got to try out the Lunasol Control Makeup Base (01) last winter and spring, and I'm finishing the leftover now. As much as I like Japanese makeup and believe in their superior quality, I have to say, this product didn't work for me.

Lunasol have always been a high and mighty brand for me, and I thought anything they made must be super-duper perfect. HAHA I'm so stupid! I don't like the shimmer fallout of their eyeshadow quads (OMG I haven't posted the other palette yet, nor had I updated with the higher quality photos reqested by Tavia WTF) and this foundation base isn't what I expected either.

It comes in 3 types: 01 Moisture, 02 Lighting and 03 Clear.
"Makeup base that evens out roughness and clears away the signs of dullness with a soothing texture.
Formulated in three types according to the skin's condition and the desired finish.
Contains beauty essence ingredients."

The bottle contains 25ml and has SPF22 PA++. That's the highest of the 3 variations.
Also, this can be used with any foundation on top, while Creamy and Smoothing Base has a recommended one, that it was developed for.

I got 01 Moisture type because 1) my skin is dry 2) during winter it needs every bit of moisture...be it provided by a foundation base in addition, I don't care LOL

Applied on skin it feels nice and gives my skin a healthy glow. Not much, just enough to make my dull skintone be more healthy looking.

It's okay until you put on your foundation. At first everything seems Ok, but later there's sliding and sitting-into-pores foundation. And I don't mean the pores on my nose, but every other part of my face, even the dry zones. On my T-zone it accentuates oiliness which is a big NO-NO!

BTW, did you know there are two reasons for oily Tzone/skin?

1: you have oily skin in general
2: you have dry skin, and your forehead and nose, maybe chin too tries to make up for that missing hydration by producing more oil

On MUA it got quite a good rating, however 3 people to review is not much ROFL
It usually sells for USD 45-50, but iMomko has it for $35 which is much better.
Anyway, I plan on trying the foundations and maybe other primers too....they had better deliver! LOL
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