Thursday, January 31, 2013

HG - The Body Shop Shea Body Butter

I haven't blogged for two months and I have sooooo many items waiting for reviewing that I'm suffocating already. I feel like I never gonna get to the end of the line.

Anyway, let's cross one out of that endless list: The Body Shop Shea Body Butter

My first Body Shop skincare item, I bought this in December when flying home for Xmas. Thanks God I had time between connecting flights to get into the duty free and hauling this and some Kenzoki products! (Yes, I splurged on Kenzoki and damn, I'm glad I did!)

Anyhow, my skin is dry and sensitive. To the point that I've tried every single drug store or Avon and such body lotions, milks and creams. Some were like I used nothing, some were ltoo heavy and they just sit on my skin making it sticky, and others simply made me itch.

Lately, I've learned that shea butter is my best friend - through L'Occitane hand creams. 
Then I thought why not try body butters. They sounded super greasy, but I had nothing to loose. If it hadn't worked then it would have been just one more stuff to throw out.
And guess what? I'm sold for body butters now! I cannot imagine using anything else! I started my romance with another brand, which will be featured later on (I say this a lot, huh), but now is the time for my HG: The Body Shop Shea Body Butter.

Okay, it might be early to claim this as HG, but I can't imagine that anything else would be able to beat this. :)

Description: "This super-rich and creamy Body Butter is a feast for the skin. It melts straight in to leave skin feeling soft and smooth. It contains Community Fair Trade shea butter and has a delicious nutty scent. 24-hour hydration Great for very dry skin Delicious nutty scent"

I love its nutty scent, how it eases the itchiness and wins over dryness, making my skin feel smooth.
And it really melts! wow, I don't have to spend endless minutes to spread and work the cream into skin! It just melts away and spreads easily, making the after-shower regime shorter! ^.^

A 200ml (6.9oz) jar retails for USD20, which isn't the cheapest but is far from high-end brands pricetags. It's a must have, especially if there's a sale going on! =D
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