Tuesday, May 1, 2012

BH Cosmetics Contour & Blush 6 color palette

Venturing into the realms of BH Cosmetics I felt sceptical at first, since their main products (if I can conclude this) are the 88 and 120 color palettes of eyeshadows. I have a 96 or so color palette from another brand (here) and however I would not call it bad, but I could ask for better any time.
Anyhow, the brand has reasonable prices and has several kinds of sales regularly, so it's no wonder I gave in and ordered a contour and blush palette as part of my ginormous haul (here) coz I wanted a stylish palette just for the feel of it and to use it on others too :) 

I was surprised by the quality not being dirt cheap. Of course it's not like holding a Chanel palette, but there's nothing shameful about it.

On the back of the packaging box all the palettes available are listed with photos.

The palette itself is sleek, black and matte. Its only fault is it closes so well, that I have to crack my nails every time to open it =D

The six pans are huge, I was surprised when I opened it for the first time. 
The colors are super versatile and usable on everyone. the dark brown could be worn by sark skinned ladies too.

Colors are matte (which I prefer) and have good color payoff.
White and brown are for contouring, yellow (top row, in the middle) and peach are good highlighters, while the two rosy/pinkish colors to the right are pretty blushes.

Handswatches without and with flash. Colors are shown in the same order as in the palette.

Retail price is 18.95 USD, but as I said there are sales going on all the time, sometimes up to 50% or more, and that is a steal! 
This palette is totally worth its price (even the full price) and would love to try more of BH Cosmetics products, but their ordering page has been screwing me for the last 2 or 3 weeks and I'm unable to place an order!!!! WTF!?!?!?!!?!?
I want to spend my money and I can't? o_____O"

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