Monday, April 23, 2012

Holika Holika Magic Waterproof Deep Eye Eyeliner

I think I haven't reviewed any of my Holika Holika stuffs, so here is the first item: Magic Waterproof Deep Eye Eyeliner.

Waterproof, yes, because my eyelids are super oily and nothing stays on me without being truly waterproof and aided by a good primer.

Deep Eye is a twist out pencil with a built in sharpener (which I've never used). Texture is creamy enough to apply without dragging, but you have to layer it at achieve a nice black color. As you can see on the below hand swatch, one stroke makes a greyish line, while 2 or 3 strokes give a black finish.

You can smudge it out for a smoky finish if you feel so, and it stays on fairly well without smudging during hot summers. IF paired with a strong eyeprimer (I used Etude House Proof 10)! However it does fade somewhat during the day...
I'm not sure about how it would perform without any primers on normal eyelids tho....I can only relate to super oily lids >.< 

It sells for around 9-10 USD on ebay and most of the time the international shipping is free.

Not an HG eyeliner, but definitely recommended! ^.^ 
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