Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Biotherm Aquasource Yeux Non-stop

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Biotherm Aquasource Yeux Non-Stop Oligo-thermal gel.

I'm kinda late with this review, coz I finished this eye cream a while ago (thankfully), but I felt like I HAD to share my experience.
Since I found the Aquasource Non-stop Oligo-thermal Gel for face quite good (here) I thought that it'd be good to try their eye product from the same line...
How wrong I had been! 

Description:"Aquasource Eyes is an ultra-moisturizing water gel containing active moisturizing ingredients locked inside it, which continuously hydrates the skin so as to freshen up the expression."

Here are the ingredients:

Well, the gel feels nice when applied, sinks into skin fast and won't leave behind weird, sticky surfaces to disturb the application of makeup.

Even if it doesn't claim to do so, I expected some kind of help with my dark know, tiredness is part of the reason of them appering. Tiredness means driness for such delicate areas, thus moisturizing it would help somewhat.
Well, it did not. Not even a little bit. And to tell the truth, it didn't do anything to moisturize my skin. It stayed dry. Two usage a day (morning and night) was barely more than nothing, so I experienced with increasing the amount I applied per usage, with no success, then I even tried to pat on some more, when I was finished with the makeup.
Because my under-eye area was so dry that both foundation and concealer sit ugly in the dry patches, enlarging the problem!
The extra gel patted on afterward helped somewhat with the concealer....for an hour or so. Then it looked the same again.

This eye gel was such a huge disappointment! The Aquasource line seemed so promising, yet this little member let me down big time.
Especially if I think of its price.
It goes around 50-60 USD and the amopunt is 15ml, which is extremely pricey considering it does nothing!

All in all, Biotherm Aquasource Yeux Non-stop Oligo-thermal gel is a waste of your money! Spend that amount on something else!
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