Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Etude House I can't stop smiling smile cheek pearls

What I'm about to show you is one of the most cutest makeup stuffs I have. Wait. It's THE most cutest! HAHA

Etude House I Can't Stop Smiling Smile Cheek Pearls powder was part of the giveaway of the lovely Birkie (of BirkinBagBeauty) I won like a thousand years ago. 
This box of Smile Cheek Pearls was part of the collection in 2008 (wow so long ago).

Why do Koreans know what's cute and what not? And Etude House sells cuteness on affordable prices! Argh~

Isn't it super cute? with the fluffy puff and the small pastel balls?
 BTW, the puff is hard to take care of. Exactly because of the fluffy part. it's trick to put it back into its box without tearing off some strands.

It's supposed to be a blush, I'd refrain from call it that.

Now, the pastel balls that create a beautiful highlight we all know from somewhere. Low and high end brands have their own version of this color-mixing-beautifying product. Each color is there for a good reason and that would be to conceal something.
Colors from left to right: white, green, beige (supposed to be violet but looks more like beige), pink, yellow (it looks more like orange but who cares)

Photos were taken in natural but not direct sunlight, but I was unable to capture their true color and magnificence! They are so beautifully iridescent!

Here are the swatches one by one, in same order but from top to bottom, since Blogger loves to rotate my photos....

Without flash

And with flash

And this is the mixed color. Or rather highlight, since it hardly can be seen. Watch it from far away and you'll spot the lighter, little pinkish upper half of my hand where the light hits it best. Click on it to see the tiny little shimmer sparkles.

It's quite a subtle highlight or beauty powder. From up close, and especially if direct light hits it, it gives a nice pink sheen. 

I really love it and prefer to pat on with its fluffy puff =)

Is it me or it's really not available anymore? I guess Gmarket still has it, but I don't don't use them, so....
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