Sunday, June 3, 2012

HG - Bioré Cleansing Oil

Let me show you my so far HG cleansing Oil, which was part of the enormus haul I did this winter and came from the hideous Bioré Cleansing Oil

The tiny bottle, which helds 150ml of liquid costed USD 9 on, so it's not the most expensive but not the dirt cheapest cleansing oil out there. A little bit more amount sells for less on ebay. However, I stress that this is my HG! 
I'm not saying I've tried every single cleansing oils up to date (I'm not crazy enough to shell out heavy bucks for a bottle of Shu Uemura....), but I'm ultimately pleased with this. :)

Funny Engrish description on the back =D

And for the first time in my life, I found everything that was cleaimed there proved true! ^.^ 

Okay, a little cheating there....fibre mascaras seemed a bit to much for it :) It couldn't remove them entirely, a little bit always remained on my lashes, but everything else (waterproof too) went down the drain with ease. 

It says 4 pumps is needed. For me, 4 pumps had to be pressed when I had on heavy makeup, with lighter makeup only 3 pumps were enough. 

The scent: OMG the scent! Heavenly! So far the most pleasant one I've encountered =) On the bottle it says  'fresh fruits', well, I have no idea what these fruits might be, but I love to sniff them :)

Deep cleansing? Oh yes! It leaves my skin soft anf opens up the pores. It removes a lot of dirt from the pores but afterward I can easily squeeze out the excess that remained there, and this, I wasn't able to do with other cleansers! 

Also, it doesn't dry out my skin! YEY!

As for usage in the shower? I never use cleansing oils while in the shower, always before. Waste of time, I know XD 
But others use this in thw shower, so it must work. Plus, the texture is not runny, watery....rather it stays where put (not sticky tho), so I see it quite capable of removing makeup while you have shampooed hair everywhere. 

Description: "Biore Cleansing Oil effectively dissolves and removes stubborn makeup, including waterproof mascara, while lifting away dirt and impurities. Unlike other cleansing oils, it leaves no greasy film on your face and maintains the skin's natural moisture balance. It does not emulsify upon contact with water, thus maintaining its optimal cleansing performance at all times. Just apply with dry or wet hands and rinse off with water for that clean and fresh feeling!"

- removes even waterproof makeup
- inexpensive
- smells heavenly
- does not dry out skin
- deep cleanses 
- opens up pores for further cleansing
- leaves skin soft
- not runny texture
- usable in shower (have not tested in action tho)

- fibre mascaras won't be removed completely
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