Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Illamasqua Cream Eyeshadows and Liquid Metal

My very first Illamasqua order that arrived quite a while ago but I never got the chance to post it. However, since then I ordered much more stuff from them, and if I want to review everything, I'd better start posting now :)

Well, in my first package there are 3 cream eyeshadows (I'm not a fan of creamy eyeshadows so I picked the safest colors), and a Liquid Metal from the Art of Darkness collection. I know, it's a 2010 release, but it's my favourite LE, so I just HAD to have something from it :)

Let's start with the cream shadows, first:


It's  nice, pure white color. Great as a highlighter when applied sheer.


The homepage says it's "pinky brown with satin finish".

I'd say it has more like a bluish purple in it than pink.


Illamasqua says "dark slate grey, satin finish", but I dare say it's dark enough for black, especially pitch black if you pack black powder e/s on top of it too.^^

And finally the Liquid Metal in Stoic:

 According to the website it's "metallic emerald".

Well, whatever it looks like in different lightings due to the yellow, blue (orange, purple??) shimmer particles, it's beautiful nonetheless =D

Have I mentioned that I don't like cream shadows? Why? Because they never stay put. Never. I tried them on bare skin, liquid foundation, cream foundation, powder foundation and eyeshadow primers (different kinds) and not one of them is able to keep them in place. 
Setting with the same color powder shadow (or translucent if not having the same color) helps somewhat, but for a very short time and the sliding starts again...
I know, I should have applied for a more "sticky" eyelid when I was born, but I didn't know it back then! *sniff*

If you do an extreme makeup or have a fashion shooting, etc, then they are ok, I'd say use them on your face not just your eyes, set with a pro setting mist and keep your hands away from your head! XD 

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