Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Missha What a Lovely Moments LE Collection - Lovely Pastel

My expedition into Missha Kingdom turned out quite fortunate and the first 'item' I want to show is actually a collection, the Signature 2012 spring-summer limited edition called: What a Lovely Moments.

There are two variations, Lovely Pastel and Lovely Natural. Since natural is a combination everybody owns or owned or will own in their beauty life, I passed it and chose the Lovely Pastel pack. And it turned out to be a good choice...even tho usually I stay away from pastels (not too flattering).

The collection consist of an eyeshadow palette, a lipstick and lipgloss, all from the Signature line. Comes in a sturdy, nicely designed box, and even the products themselves have the LE design, which was made in collaboration with designer Kim JeeHee. 
(BTW, if anyone knows Kin JeeHee, plz, enlighten me! >.<)

Anyhow, you can check out the US Missha site and see if you find the collections worthy, or you can buy them individually and still come out at the same price (USD 54,97 is not a bad buy I think).

For the eyeshadow quad you can find an 'eyechart' right under the palette in the box, which surprised me so much that I oohed and aahed....I'm so shallow T__T But I'm used to it being on the bottom of the palettes! So I have an excuse! HAHA~ 

So, the eyeshadow quad, Lovely Pastel: don't expect strong colorpayoff, cottoncandy pink, green and yellowy white. It's mostly shimmer, but you can make out the colors on your lids. The 'eyeliner' brown is the strongest of the shadows and I actually like to use it.

The lipstick is a beautiful true pink (SPK106), creamy like heaven, simply melts onto your lips, has SPF15 PA+ and comes from the Signature Glam Art line. If you want only this one, you have to pay 15.99.

The lipgloss is also Signature Glam Art, has SPF12 and costs $15.99. The shape of the applicator is quite good. Usually I don't like these slant ones, but I have nothing bad to say about this. The color is more orange than pink, has a decent colorpayoff, so it can be worn alone in its glory or above the pink lipstick. They go well together! ^.^ 

And here are the handswatches of the eyeshadows, gloss and lipstick.

With flash:

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