Thursday, July 12, 2012

NYX Smoky Eye Palette

I just realized that I don't have any NYX reviews posted. WTF?! So I'm starting with the oldest thing I own from the brand and bought back in Hungary (where else, shitty country has a small range of brands...BTW, follow my Twitter if you want to know what I'm reffering to. Like now, with shitty country. So, to my delight I realized that Cherryculture also carries the brand and they have sales going on all the now, summer sale with 50% off! ^_^

Well, here is the NYX Smoky Eye palette, you might have seen it a billion times already on other blogs, but I love this sleek little handy palette, and felt like spreading the love HAHA

Beats me why blogger rotates my photos without any sense, but this is how the well-closing, fingerprint-loving black plastic case looks like.

Thankfully you won't have any broken nail when opening it. Some brands have quite shitty quality cases...

Inside there are 10 colors, each in big enough pans to use freely. In the top right corner above it's a pretty champagne-beige shadow, ideal for highlighting. The one in the left bottom corner it's the white shadow. There are taupes, greys, deep and middle browns.  
See the swatches below.

NYX Smoky Eye swatches with flash

NYX Smoky Eye swatches without flash

Each swatch was made by only one swipe of my finger, so you can see that the pigmentation is really good. And the colors are such that any girl paying attention to her makeup must own. And the fact that NYX is priced reasonably and is on the affordable end of the scale makes this palette tempting. IMHO.

On Cherryculture it goes $8.50 right now with the sale (find it under the For Your Eyes Only 10 color palettes), but their normal price is $11 which is a steal! It means $1.10 for one eyeshadow! Could it be better? Damn!

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