Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Missha Facial Choco Cacao Scrub

Let me introduce you a favourite face scrub of mine: Missha Facial Choco Cacao Scrub

To find a perfect and/or good quality scrub is not as easy as one might think.
Some say that scrubbing (eg. physical erosion) is bad for the skin, doing more damage than good and swear for chemical peeling.
Well, I'm not a fan of peeling. For once, I had a horrible experience with a not so cheap product which looked fabulous in the store when testen on hand, yet at home....
Other peelings did almost nothing. Maybe I just haven't found a really good one that actually works, I don't know. Anyway, I don't feel like looking for a working one.

I'm the good old believer, a physical-type-fan. 
In my opinion a good scrub should have such tiny brittles that are not harsh on the skin nor impossible feel. You should feel them working yet it shouldn't hurt.
Too hard particles like sandpaper are simply not good. Those are indeed damaging. If you find using your scrub unpleasant then you should look for another one!
Too soft particles are unable to reach the desired results: to remove old cells, fat and impurities. It's like rubbing cream or jello on your face and wishing for a snakeskin to fall off you....not gonna happen.

So the ideal material should be small, round (at least not sharp-edged/ and (not too) easily dissolving.
This way the upper layers of skin can be removed while the young, lower layers remain unharmed. Moreover, depending on the other ingredients they are either got to renew themselves faster, refreshed, hydrated, or whitened, etc, etc.

Now that I blabbed so long about my personal opinion, back to the product. Here is the description: 

Contains edible cacao that removes aged skin cells and helps create firm, silky skin.
1. Contains cacao powder from Amazon River of Brazil
2. Cacao contains abundant Polyphenol known to prevent skin aging
3. Contains 15% of edible cacao that provides mild, gentle exfoliating effect.

Can also be used as a mask. Simply apply a thin layer onto dry face and wash off with warm water after 5 minutes. Avoid eye area.

First of all, the cacao they used as an ingredient might be edible, but the product itself is NOT!
It does smell heavenly and tempting to eat but it does not taste good. Not horrible either, just, not good. And who knows....chugging down all might not be healthy either.....8D

See those yellowy dots? They do the hard work. :)
Usage of it is pleasant, does not hurt, yet the rubbing particles remain intact long enough to work on your face and then your neck and décolleté if needed.

I'm not saying you will have baby-smooth skin afterwards, but it definitely does what it promises: removes aged skin cells. 

As for functioning as a mask: I have not tried it yet this way, but judging from the fact that it does not dry my skin (YAY\*.*/) and leaves my skin feeling pleasant, I'd say it's not a waste of product ;D

I recommend Missha's Choco Cacao Scrub to those who:
- need a good face scrub
- are chocolate skincare fans
- don't want to spend a fortune on a scrub

Those who need a heavy duty scrub should look elsewhere or use this frequently.

Being it a jar in stead of a squueze tube might not be hygenic or practical (especially in the shower) but you can see how much is left and scoop out every bit at the can use the jar for whatever creative stuff during your DIY phase! 8D

Price-wise: on the US site 70g sells for 13 USD which is a good price IMHO and they have all kinds of sales & promotions all the time so it's not hard to get it cheaper ;)
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