Saturday, September 19, 2009

Vichy Normaderm Pro Mat

It's time for writing about my HG day cream: Vichy Normaderm Pro Mat. I always thought Vichy is not for me...always got irritated skin after using other Vichy products, so I was sceptical when I first found a sample sachet of Pro Mat in a magazine. But when I applied it I was drawn in immediately! So I bought another magazine to get another sample and finally bought the full size stuff. Now I'm in Heaven!
What Normaderm Pro Mat claims:
  • Instant matte effect and lasting shine control. UVA/UVB sunscreen filters protect against shine activating UV rays.
  • A recent advance in understanding shine-prone skin: daily UV rays can stimulate the skin to produce more oil and increase shine by 26%
  • "Dry Finish" Technology: a shine-control formula with blotting micro-spheres for a lasting mattifying effect. Excess oil is absorbed, skin is left smooth and even. Intra-pore LHA and Vitamin CG help control shine.
  • UVA/UVA Sunscreen Protection: SPF 15 protects skin from the sun's harmful rays. Regulates the appearance of shine. Prevents re-occuring oiliness caused by UV ray exposure.
  • Skin is ultra-matte, comfortable and velvety.Oil-free, light, non-greasy moisturizer.Will not clog pores nor dry out skin.Excellent base for makeup.

Well, I'm not someone with overly oily skin. Actually, I have dry and sensitive skin. Then why use this, you ask? Because my T-zone is oily and I hate even the less shining on my face....except it's an eyeshadow/gloss/whatever I put on. =D

The cream itself is green. Lighter color than the tube, but green. The amount is 30ml and it costs $21 on the US site. I got it for almost $25. In my stupid country we have to pay a lot more for everything good! >_> Although this cream holds only a little difference....I'm sure I'll rant about this more in the near future.

I have to squeeze a lot to cover only my face since the formula absorbs in a blink and I don't have enough time to spread it evenly. I have a feeling I'll finish this tube in record time. But it worths the annoyance! It hydrates the dry parts perfectly, and mattifies the T-zone all day long. First time in my life my skin is under control!

I started to use this in August while humid heats were daily. Before, when I sweated under the sun, my T-zone stayed shiny afterwards, which is not just disturbing, but ugly too. Even if it was sundown I felt like each passbyer must have thought I was still sweating or God knows what just because my forehead and nose was shining like diamond! @_@ I'm paranoid, I know!

Now Pro Mat does miracle! After sweating from heat I got my matte skin back! I was sooooo happy! Now that it's fall, it works just as good. I'll see how it performs during winter. Will the hydration be enough for the cold weather?

I got mine in a pharmacy (that's the common place here for Vichy products) so I don't know how it is in other countries.....drug or department stores? Anyway, the online store is a good source! I'd recommend this to everybody who has the tiniest problem with shine control! For more problematic skins, I wouldn't swear this is the ultimate weapon, I have no idea, but this worth a try, right? It might be perfect for your skin......and don't forget, using more of the same skincare line helps maximizing the result!

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