Friday, September 18, 2009

Cheapo mini hauls

For last weekend a friend of mine planned a beauty hunting trip, but of course it never happened. And here I was waiting for lemming the Shiseido, YLS and Guerlain counters. Oh well...
Since it's the beginning of term, I have like nothing left on my bank account, but I still went for a little shopping, buying only cheap stuffs.

First: a chocolate face mask. Hmm sounds good! It cost only $1.5....there was golden mask too, but I ended up with this, since it's edible! *cough*
There is a Bourjois Paris Sparkling Eyeliner too (Regard Pailleté, I think). I'll do a review for this.
Have anyone tasted this bubbling Granini with apple and cranberries? It's horrible! #_#

And some other: L'Oreal Nutri Bronze (self-tanning) Body Lotion, Helia-D body lotion for dry skin, two Essence sheet masks, two nail polishes and an Essence Lip Oil. Sheet masks and lip oil were 1.5USD each, polishes about $2. Lotions about $10. Most of these will get their own reviews too. Dirt cheap stuffs worth a blog entry, right? At least to say how crappy they are >_>

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